November 5, 2014


Larger Than Life 3D Sculptures


Larger than life 3D signs make a powerful impact on the public




Choosing the right sign for your business.


To create a successful sign, there are a couple of factors you need to evaluate. You must look beyond just an eye catching design of logos and slogans. Your sign planning needs to consider demographics, marketing message and an understanding of visual awareness. This task is further complicated by the fact that the reader of your sign is moving and you have a finite amount of time for them to see, read, and comprehend your marketing or advertising message.


You may offer a superior product or service, but if the message on your sign does not invoke your potential customer or client to make a purchase or retain your services, your money, time, and energy are wasted. You need to make sure that you invest your advertising dollars wisely and choose a company like that is a professional sign company with a dynamic design team. Our designers are skilled in producing signs that will grab a consumer’s attention and convert them to a buying position. A company’s long term success or failure is directly correlated to the effectiveness of their marketing and advertising plan. Starting your business with an effective logo and design from the beginning will reap amazing rewards in the long run.


Now that you have a professional design and instillation team like in your corner, it is time to think about the elements of a successful sign or billboard. A sign mounted perpendicular to the roadway has the greatest visibility and read time. A sign parallel to the roadway on the front of a building is approximately 70% less visible. Another consideration is that the words used on your sign are easy to read and understandable. Be careful not to use big words, unrecognizable words, or a large about of words. Remember your potential customer is driving a car and may have many distractions and a short amount of time to read your message. On a billboard less words is more understandable.


Another consideration in the design process is that you want your letters to be a minimum of one-inch tall for every twenty-five feet of distance. This makes them readable for all legal drivers and if you are using fancy lettering you will want to make your letters even larger. To create an even greater challenge you need to shoot for approximately 40% of your sign to be empty or white space. If you cram a bunch of words and graphics on a sign it will make it less readable to passing motorists. So when you are considering your sign design you want to look at  lettering style and size, the ability of graphics and logos to be easily recognized, whether or not the words on the sign are familiar and easy to read, the lighting methods used, and even the colors used all impact people’s ability to see and read a sign.


That brings us to our last point when considering a sign. Lighting is essential for most signs. Lighting allows your sign to be visible and recognizable day and night. Illuminated signs allow drivers to read it more clearly and quickly.  Lighted signs allow your advertising message to be seen 24-hours a day. Even though your business maybe closed, a well-lit sign is a constant reminder of your business. You might even want to consider a LED Video Board to really illuminate your marketing message.


If you are thinking about purchasing a new sign, leasing a billboard, or just need to repair or replace a worn out sign. Give us a call at 417-337-7446. Our professional experienced staff at can help you make the best selection for your type of sign and help you evaluated various billboard locations before you sign a long term lease. Once you decide on your sign our design team will work with you to produce an eye catching design that will grab the attention of your potential client and direct them to a buying decision.


August 20, 2015


Vehicle Wraps 101


 If you are a small to medium size business owner, there is no better return on your advertising investment than wrapping your vehicles. Vehicle graphics allow you to customize and share your advertising message with everyone who sees your vehicle. Before your say that I can’t afford to wrap my vehicles, you need to know that car wraps come in all shapes and sizes, literally. You can start as simple as a perforated window wrap or just your logo on the side of your vehicle. Depending on your budget you can start small or opt for a full vehicle wrap.

Step one in the car wrapping process is setting a budget. After you have set a budget and know how much you can afford to invest in vehicle wraps we will begin the design process. Our graphic design team will create a custom graphics package for you vehicle to match your current branding or we can help you create a new brand for your business.


Step two is the production process. The next step is to digitally print your vehicle wrap and graphics on 3M Wrapping Vinyl. 3M Wrapping Vinyl is highly durable and resistant to UV light to prevent fading of you vibrantly colored graphics.


Step three is the installation of your new graphics and wrap by  our 3M Certified Installers. Depending on your vehicle and the complexity of the wrap we will need your vehicle from 1 to 5 business days. Through the process your car or truck is cleaned and prepped for the wrap. Then the materials are applied and post heated to insure a nice fit to the contour of your wrapped vehicle. Lastly, we will wipe you newly wrapped moving billboard to make sure it looks amazing and passes our strict quality control adhering to the standard of a Certified 3M installation Company.  Click here to learn more about 3M Certified Vehicle Graphic Installers. located in Hollister, Missouri is Southwest Missouri’s only 3M Certified Vehicle Graphics Instillation Company. 3M Certified Graphics Instillation Companies have spent numerous hours at 3M’s training facility, passed written and hands on qualifications testing. Opened up their book of customers to 3M to contact and check on customer satisfaction. We are professionally trained and certified to do the job right.


Give us a call at (417) 337-7446 to get started on your next vehicle wrap.


Perforated Window Wrap

Partial Vehicle Wrap

Full Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle Graphics


JULY 30, 2015


Vehicle wraps are a great alternative to a new paint job.


Are you thinking about getting your car repainted? You might want to pause for a moment and think about the possibility of wrapping you vehicle with a wrap from We are the only, 3M Certified Installer in Southwest Missouri and we have the experience and customer referrals to back up our products.


Your average paint job on a car can range between $1500 and $10,000 depending on your choice of color and quality and experience of your paint shop. You can have you car, truck, or vehicle wrapped for $500 to $7500 depending on the size of your vehicle. Paint can vary in quality and a poor paint job could last a couple of years and begin to fade. 3M vinyl wraps can last for many years to come.


Here are 5 reasons to choose wrapping a vehicle over a new paint job.


The biggest reason is cost and, a vehicle wrap can save you thousands of dollars over a new fancy paint job. Your average paint job on a car, truck or other vehicle can range between $1500 and $10,000 depending on your choice of color and quality and experience of your paint shop. You can have you car, truck, or vehicle wrapped for $500 to $7500 depending on the size of your vehicle. Paint can vary in quality and a poor paint job could last a couple of years and begin to fade. 3M vinyl wraps can last 5-8 years.


The second is options. Vinyl can give you options not available in factory colors. You can choose from graphics and designs you would like to see on your vehicle. With the many options of custom graphics you can truly have a unique car. One of the options offered by Perfect Signs is Bright Wraps. With Bright Wraps you have the opportunity for graphics in your vinyl wrap to light up at night! If you find yourself tired and looking for something new you can redesign a wrap and change the complete look of you vehicle wrap.


 Thirdly, by wrapping your vehicle you can maintain its factory finish. If you purchase a new car, truck, or boat and you choose to wrap it right off the show room floor you could drive the car for 5 years and when we remove the wrap your original factory paint is free from color fade and minor chips. A vehicle wrap can act as a barrier between the road and your new vehicle's finish.


 Fourthly If you are looking for a new custom paint job for your ride you will be without your wheels for 2-3 weeks, with a vehicle wrap you are looking at 2-5 days depending on the complexity of your vehicle graphic designs and the contour of your vehicle. Vehicle Wraps can save you down time with your favorite vehicle.


 Finally vehicle wraps are low maintenance. With a wrap from Perfect Sign you will no longer spend your afternoon waxing your hot rod. With a little soap and water and your wrap looks like new. Shine it up with a microfiber towel and a 70% alcohol mixture to remove dirt, finger prints and smudges.


Before you commit to that new paint job, give us a call at 417-337-7446, or to learn more about out other products, visit We can give you a quote and share with you many more benefits of wrapping your vehicle.


July 22, 2015


The future of branding is visual.


Branding is an essential part of every company's marketing plan. If you want to grow your market share and positioning in your industry you need to spend some time focusing on your branding. Your company logo and color scheme are a beginning to establishing a brand identity. You want to create a consistent look using banners, signs, and vehicle wraps.

Because the future of branding is visual, the sign business like many others is in a constant state of change. It has never been so important to have a visual presence. is a 3M certified graphics Installation Company. We can install vinyl graphics on windows, walls, car, boats, and floors. If it stands still or moves we can wrap it. We can help you keep a consistent message and look across your many advertising and marketing mediums. Here are a couple of ideas for you to consider.


• Use premium space on the front of your building like windows and doors to let customers know about different products and services you offer. This will reinforce your branding and can share vital information about your business like name, business hours, services and products offered, website, and social media information. Vinyl graphics transform your building into an eye appealing advertisement.


• Vehicle graphics make an impression wherever you go. At we are an exclusive Bright Wraps installer. Bright wraps allows you to light up your message at night. Bright Wraps is designed for both ac and dc currents. So you can use them on a wall or window at your business or on your vehicle while it is traveling down the road!


• Share your marketing message with patrons by installing vinyl graphics on tables, walls, floors,  and ceilings. Never miss the opportunity to reach people while they are working, eating, or shopping.


• Vinyl graphics can also reinforce your brand with a consistent message to help build customer confidence in your products and services.

Just about any business in Branson and surrounding Southwest Missouri can benefit by promoting their business with vinyl graphics. They are up round the clock creating impressions and communicating with potential customers. To learn more about how your business can benefit from the use of custom vinyl graphics give us a call at 417-337-7446 or visit us online at

FEBRUARY 23, 2015


LED Ropelight: Programmable, Flexible, Durable Digital NEON


This exciting new programmable neon like ropelight looks like neon, is as bright as neon, lasts much longer than neon, is far more durable, and is programmable. It comes with over 20 lighting programs to chase or blend in different colors, can be cut to any length desired, and can be used indoors or outdoors for POP displays.

January 5, 2015


Huge 27 foot pontoon boat wrap in Branson with custom vinyl, chrome vinyl, and 3D lettering


Custom boat wrap in Branson Missouri at, your wrapping headquarters.

DECEMBER 23, 2014


Fleet Graphics


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NOVEMBER 17, 2015


Perfect Signs can economically fix your vehicle's faded exterior with a colorful vehicle wrap.


Do you have a late model car that has fading paint on your hood and roof from sun damage? Sun damage can lower the value of your car and even make you embarrassed to drive it around town. If you have thought about fixing those annoying faded spots and that repainting your car can be cost prohibitive; has a solution for you.


We are currently running a hood and roof wrap special. You can choose from thousands of color schemes and even add graphics to your vehicle to give it a custom personalized look. We recently had a customer come to us with a late model Saab that still had a great looking interior and lots of life left in the drive train. Perfect Signs was able to give this car a brand new look with a redone hood, roof, and striping down the sides.


Give us a call today at at 417-337-7446, or stop by our shop at 162 Industrial Park drive in Hollister, Missouri. We can show you color samples and give you an estimate on any custom design work you may be looking for to wrap your vehicle with a new look. Hood and roof wraps start at $499.